Goal Setting Part 7: The Secret To Cementing Your Transformation

Oh hey! You made it to the end of your goal setting journey! You did all the work, you ticked off all the tasks — even during the maelstrom that is COVID — and now you have a treasure map leading you to the finish line. But first! You need to celebrate, in a goal-setting kind of way. Why? because, my dear soldier, you need to keep yourself accountable if you’re going to cross the finish line. And there’s one simple tool to help you. So, stay the course for one more sec, do the work, and surprise your tribe with how productive you are being during this apocalypse. Keep reading for your final step to cement your transformation.

Step 1: Spread the news!

Tell someone you know and trust about your intentions, destination, and your new kick-ass treasure map to get there. It can be on Instagram, sure, but a mentor or friend would be better (tell them to do the series with you, and you can rally each other!). This is how you’re going to hold yourself accountable for taking every single step you outlined.

Without accountability, you can cheat (even though you’d be cheating yourself — ouch, that’s the worst kind). But by telling someone you respect, it cements your intention, expectations, and outcome. And it becomes far more difficult to stop because you’d let yourself — and others — down. Disappointment, in my book, is a form of torture. Don’t torture yourself. Commit, then recommit.

Step 2: Create regular check-ins

Ask your person (from Step 1) to meet with you each month. Set a standing date. Could be a quick call, coffee date, lunch, or email. Just put it on the calendar — set it and forget it. This allows a safe environment to share and digest your progress, dissect your roadblocks or challenges, and create meaningful solutions to stay on track. And, trust me, we all hit bumps so having someone to toss ideas around with will enable you to just.keep.going!

Step 3: Re-commit to re-commit

The final step in Part 6 of our Goal Setting series was to commit, and not get caught defending your own limitations. Frankly, we all have limitations — that’s a given in life. If you focus on your limitations, they will surround and swallow you. Do the thing most people don’t: protect your commitment to progress, not perfection, no matter the cost (thanks, Marie Forleo).

Step 4: Ok, NOW you can celebrate!

Wow, nice work! You just did a serious reboot of your future and completed our entire series on Goal Setting! If you’re game, I’d love to hear where you’re going, and how it feels along the way. Share your small wins, and big wins by tagging me on Instagram or Facebook.

Now, go relax, pour a few more ounces tonight, watch some Netflix. You deserve it.

The final details!

Ok, that’s it for our series on Goal Setting! Next up, I’ll be sharing tips on creating a powerful brand story, and I’ll sprinkle some smaller tips in here and there along the way. If you want more info on this series, visit Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, or Part 6 here. If you like this post, or this series, share it! And PLEASE leave a comment below on how this has impacted you, or shoot me a note with any clarifying questions — I’m here to help you through this process!




I help entrepreneurs and brands find, clarify, and share their most profound stories to build loyalty, trust, and impact. Pro questioner. www.rawstrategy.net

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Lindsay Yaw Rogers

Lindsay Yaw Rogers

I help entrepreneurs and brands find, clarify, and share their most profound stories to build loyalty, trust, and impact. Pro questioner. www.rawstrategy.net

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